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The French Federation Gardens Nature & Health*, founded in 2018, is the brainchild of a group of professionals in the  fields of garden and landscape design, horticultural therapy, ecotherapy, environmental health, ecology,  mental and medical health, education, art therapy, social work and other various health allied human services industries.

The Federation’s mission is to advocate for professionals, educate the public and lobby institutional forces on issues concerning therapeutic gardens, accessibility to Nature and health and wellness.

For professionals designing with Nature, working in and with Nature, or engaging people in garden and plant related activities in order to support therapeutic goals, the FFJNS is meant as a dynamic forum strengthening links across and between sectors.

For further information on activities and membership enrollment, but also ressources on therapeutic gardens, horticultural therapy and ecotherapy, you are invited to consult various pages on this website.

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* Fédération Française Jardins Nature et Santé (FFJNS)

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